‘Hope…. Until earth looks like Heaven.’

Hope Church is a family transforming people, families, churches, cities and nations with experiences of God’s goodness until Earth looks like Heaven.

That looks like a diverse community of people of all ages and backgrounds who keep on discovering how real and good God is. We have experienced God restoring to his church the love and power that he intends for his kids as he continues to pour out his Spirit on the earth, leading us to greater measures of his presence and release of heaven’s power in our midst. And it looks like empowering people to transform their sphere of influence with values and experiences that reflect heaven. We believe God made you significant.

Our response is to commit to him and to one another, growing as church family who love and honour one another. We aim to uphold an authentic, free and courageous community and we have many dreams and hopes, and value many things, but above all, the presence of God is the very life blood of Hope Church.

And you are invited to join us.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Andy Merrick
Andy leads the senior leadership team at Hope Church.
Andy believes that encountering the manifest presence of God is what everyone needs. He is passionate about bringing people into such encounters and creating cultures where healing deliverance and manifest presence are normal.  He has been used by God to bring healing and encounters to many people. Andy and his wife Theresa planted their first church in 1982, and they have been planting, teaching and strengthening churches ever since.

Theresa Merrick
Theresa radiates and oozes the love of God wherever she goes. She has the most infectious joyous laugh which changes the atmosphere of a room and releases heaven. She is mighty, courageous and has an enormous capacity to love and it is this love that leads her to take massive risks and step out in faith (before she realises what she is doing!). She has seen many healed in the workplace as a result. She has a desire to see cities and nations changed, hence having church planted 3 times - if she ever writes a book it will be called 'Church Ministry and how to survive it '!!! She is an amazing mother to many and loves tea and chocolate.

Phil Ford
Phil loves Jesus and wants everyone around him to know that Jesus loves them. As a full-time English teacher, he seeks to walk out this calling in the education system among the coming generation. He also loves teaching the Bible in a way that helps people to understand more fully their identity as children of a very good Heavenly Father. He is married to a creative genius called Lizzie and they have a gorgeous daughter called Maisie who has a genius for eating oranges, making a mess, and being really, really cute.

Andy Fulton
Andy was born and bred in Glasgow. His passion is the reality of God being with us which changes things on the earth. He wants to see Scotland with a new “normal” as people encounter God and discover his goodness.  Andy also leads the kid's team at Hope. He has an entrepreneurial streak and is never happier than having several projects on the go. He also highly values family, specially his wife Joanna and their 4 growing children.  Andy loves getting outdoors, “man projects”, adventures, curry and having a good laugh.

Jan McFarlane
Jan knows how to live in and from the presence of God, as such that signs and wonders follow her whenever she goes.  She has a passion to see the kingdom of God released in healing, creative miracles and the reality that we can live in supernatural health.  She has a desire to see people equipped to live from intimacy with Father God and to learn to ‘be’ and to function from a place of rest.  She has a burning passion to see the city of Glasgow transformed and then the nation and the nations.  Jan loves the sun, being warm, travelling, France, running, hot chocolate and being an auntie and godmother. 

JanT Jan Treadgold
Jan loves and builds family. She has a massive heart for people and an ability to see people released to walk in the freedom that Jesus has won for them.  She has a unique ability to see, care and persevere.  She is a senior leader in Hope Church, overseeing the Bethel Sozo Team, the life group structure and the pastoral team and has a major role in developing the culture. Her desire is to see the transformational power of Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit at work in individuals' lives so they can become their true selves, as designed by God. She also loves wild remote places and has an eclectic taste in music and friends.

Nick Treadgold
Nick carries a Father's heart, brings security, releases others into their true identity and destiny. He is passionate about seeing communities transformed by the presence of God. He loves seeing relationships restored and grow, where individuals flourish at being who they are for the benefit of others. He equips people for healthy robust marriages and parenting based on love and freedom, using the tools of healthy boundaries, communication and conflict resolution. Nick is really tall, loves trees, beer, curry and wide open spaces.


Where We've Come From

 Hope Church Glasgow started in 2003 when Andy & Theresa Merrick felt the call to leave leading City Church Newcastle and moved with their family to start a church in Glasgow. 
We have grown from a passionate group of church planters in a living room to a large gathering of committed family who are beginning to outgrow their current Sunday venue in a school hall. We are passionately pursuing all God has for us, aiming to leave a legacy in our land lasting well after all of us here today are gone.