Healing School 

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New eyeballs and cancers healed

These are just two of some of the powerful healing testimonies we have gathered from across the nation of Scotland, and we have created a school to showcase them in. Many are the result of ordinary people praying at home, in the street or at work… or the gym. You will hear them share their stories.
There is a wave of healing across our nation, and we have created this school to raise its visibility, to equip you and to catch you up in the excitement.
We will give you encouragement, we will give you an effective model, and we will root it all in some sound theology and teaching.
Barbara Jenkinson and Jamie Watters are seeing very significant breakthroughs in the realm of healing in their churches and ministries. Both are passionate about equipping others and are not wanting to be the centre of attention. But they have a something that will benefit us all!
Who is the School for?
People who are struggling in the area of healing. If you are struggling to pray for the sick, or struggling to be healed. You will receive great teaching, instruction on an effective prayer model, impartation, encouragement and of course prayer. You will get to try praying for others in a safe environment.
People who have some training, and some success- Our aim is propel you forward to see greater breakthroughs
Leaders. If you are a leader of a church, a ministry or small group where you would love to see more in the realm of healing miracles, there will be content and discussion to benefit you.

This spring we had our first Healing School where we learned from the experiences of 3 amazing people in our own city of Glasgow. Barbara Jenkinson from Light and Life, Jamie Watters from Vineyard Church and Andy Merrick from Hope Church Glasgow.