Mission Teams - Weld-Foresters

Harry, Sarah, Hamish and Daisy Weld-Forester Working with SOHIP in Ndola, Zambia.


Family Photo
Harry and Sarah are working with Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (www.SOHIP.org) in Ndola, Zambia helping to bring holistic community transformation. Harry is working as a WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Manager and Facilitator, training SOHIP staff and bringing clean water and better sanitation to local communities. Sarah is working with the vocational training programme educating community health promoters and producing training materials.

image004Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (www.SOHIP.org) are a USA charity founded by Kirk and Denise Schauer based in Ndola, Zambia and supported from Redding, California. The website has details and short film clips of their work. Both Sarah and Harry are passionate about community transformation, and will be able to grow in their skills and learn from what SOHIP are already doing in this area. They will also be able to bring additional skills and expertise for SOHIP to expand what they can offer to local communities and projects.
Hope Church Glasgow are sending the Weld-Foresters out to Zambia to work with Seeds of Hope IP. The church will be managing their financial support. If you could like to support them please get in touch admin@hopechurchglasgow.org and details will be sent to you.