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This will probably be my final blog – unless I manage to do one at the airport tomorrow. First of all a big thank you for all my birthday wishes I switched off Facebook when we came here cos’ of the charges on phone bill-extortionate!!!
Sun 4 November 2012
Well my day been pretty amazing a breakfast burrito (Mexican pancake)at Kevin Dedmon house where we were discussing theology – which we all love, whilst looking at amazing views of Sacramento river,  Kevin is publishing a new book soon – which sounds excellent, which will be more theological explanation of where we are today, in he’s thinking about returning to Scotland- so pray he hears a Yes from God.He really affected and benefitted the church in glasgow possibly more than even he realizes.

Morning service we met up with Carissa, enjoyed amazing worship and listened to Eric – which was a very familiar message to us all about being non-judgemental to others and seeking to protect them- he used woman caught in adultery as his example, but to be honest I was still processing stuff from the day before,  then lunch out with folks from Hope Church, Amy & Pete Murch, Karen Hutchinson & Carissa.( Fiona Stewart couldn’t make it) but we all got a burger and fries together, which was fun.

Yesterday Sat 3 Nov
We all felt the need for a bit of processing space God had been saying so much, I went to the 24/7 prayer room- Large spacious building next to church with big picture windows which overlook mountains, simply furnished with worshipful music is played- and oasis of peace, I spent time chatting to Daddy God- I’m still digesting the intercession session re- reading John 14:26 the helper the Holy spirit whom the Father will send in my name HE WILL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS  John 14:27 when the helper/intercessor comes ….. That is the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father.

Hope church we’re really blessed that God has opened our eyes to see all that we see, when you’re here and chatting to people you chat to many people who are geographically visiting Bethel – but they haven’t seen it, and still have the attitude I just need to bolt this onto my existing structure. ARGHHHH that not going to work- this is a completely different wineskin.
I also prayed for Scotland for a returning of sons & daughters and spoke to the north south east and west to send them back with fresh manna.

We then went shopping for Grandsons whoop whoop and met up with Bethel supernatural School of ministry BSSM who are from Scotland, we met Robbie, Carissa,Jo and Neil, Karen H, Rebecca, Aileen, Malcolm Pete and Amy, Andy chatted about wanting to see them thrive, and please - come back to Scotland.
We had lots of inspiring conversations, and found there was a depth of insight in the students that was exciting, the atmosphere here- the green house is so profoundly different from anywhere I’ve ever been to before, - I mustn’t leave it 2 years till I come again.
They then prayed for the three of us – man powerful prayers, hilarious- someone had a word for me praying in the dark quietly for breakthrough- It’s not unusual for me to get up for 1+ hour in the night to pray even though sometimes I don’t know what I’m praying for- I just know when I can stop often speaking in tongues or sometime I just worship.Some amazing words and we were able to pray for them too which was fun.

Stephen de Silva, who spoke on finances church wise and personally said on  handling your finances to be intentional in where and what you give some seed is to sow, some seed is for bread, and where you give to place it well like setting of silver. But I think there is a great intentionality with everything they do here which I think we could learn from, a blueprint Gods shown them and they measure up all they do to line up with that, whether it is intercession, building, finances, running a teaching school, street outreach.
1Cor 4:1- known as servants of Christ and stewards of His mysteries.- they feel the responsibility of stewarding His mysteries.
The Gowan family send their love to Chris Spicer- you are well thought of here my man.
HOT NEWS-We found out that Chris Valleton is speaking at clan 2013 – book in now fast!!
Great one liners:
Karen Huthison ‘we’re living in a feast but staying hungry’
Bill Johnson ‘there is wealth in the soil of the poor’
Must go – sorry another enormous blog- loveyouloadsnloads, we’re home on Tuesday ready for supernatural school hee, hee, hee what fun we’re going to have- I’m coming back heavier than I arrived in EVERY sense of the word.

Theresa Merrick, 05/11/2012

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