School Overview

The Goal
To equip people from all walks of life to transform their environment and impact the people they meet by living a supernatural life with Jesus.  We are aiming to raise up people all over Scotland and beyond, who create cultures in which the supernatural can manifest continually and where others around them can be released into greatness.

The Atmosphere
The goal of the school is not only to teach but also to model.  The school will be characterised by an atmosphere of God’s manifest presence, heavenly family, honour and fun.   We will learn by doing and not just hearing, through homework, activations and times of impartation.

Who Can Come?
This school aims to raise up and develop supernatural catalysts from all over the nation and is for people from any church background.  We want to see people sent back into their own context more on fire, equipped and ready to change their world.  The school will be held fortnightly to make it easier to stay involved in your own local church and ministry.