Doctrine Course 2011

'Doctrine' sounds like quite a scary concept, but in reality what we at Hope Church Glasgow mean when we use this word is 'what the whole Bible teaches about a given topic'. Through a combination of teaching, discussion and a substantial amount of cake, the Doctrine course in summer 2011 looked in depth at the Christian idea of the Atonement, essentially, 'what did Jesus' death on the cross achieve?' Feel free to browse the handouts and listen to the audio files of the course.

Feedback from the Doctrine Course revealed a satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5! Interested in future Doctrine courses? Keep an eye on the following websites: 



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Course Notes:

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Doctrine Course Notes: Session 3
Doctrine Course Notes: Session 2
Doctrine Course Notes: Session 1

Alan P Harrision, 16/08/2011