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Rules produce slaves, the Spirit produces sons



Romans 7:1-6. We were once married to law as the principle of life and the principle that governed any relationship with God. We had to keep rules and perform. Christ’s death annulled that marriage commitment and we became united with him in intimate union. The authority of the law over our live, the Old Testament law and the principle of law (see Gal 4;2+9) has ended. Resorting to legalism is a demonic curse, not a healthy alternative Christian life. (Gal 3;1) Any re-introduction of legalism only serves to define our identity as slaves (Gal 4;24). Union with the Spirit defines us as sons (Gal 4;1-6).


The behavioural Instructions and commands of the New Testament are not rebuilding a law system to replace the old covenant rules. They tell us what the behaviour of those in true union with the Spirit looks like, what pleases the Father and doesn’t grieve the Spirit. All obedience is a choice from a heart motivated by love not fear; and motivated from knowing love not for love. All true fruitfulness is from the Spirit and will fulfil and exceed any law.


In Christ our whole life principle has changed from a legal, law based one to an intimate relational one. Our identity has shifted from slaves who must obey, to sons who live out of a new heavenly identity. We mustn’t seek to use even NT instructions and commands to re-establish a law system. A Christianity that is fundamentally founded on keeping the rules has way too many of its roots in the Old Covenant which is now obsolete (Eph 2;15 Heb 10;9)



Andy Merrick, 08/09/2013