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Full and ready for home

Yesterday was the last day of this brief but intense conference. Yesterday’s attempt at a blog was in the 10 mins I had at 7.30am, we got back to our room at 11.30. Ahhh! Bloggers block.

I have been to many conferences in my time and often the worship is a warm up for the main speaker. Our heart and Bethel’s attitude is to give a high priority to worship and encountering God’s presence. The unashamedly have several worship sessions through the day. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything from exuberant praise to silence. The worship team are very comfortable allowing one guitar or total silence. Andy and Theresa went to the senior leasers Q & A session and Jan and I went to the associate leaders. I pick up so much just from seeing 6 people on a stage honour and defer to one another. There are people here from many church backgrounds. I think we have already caught a lot at Hope.

Jan & I caught up with an old friend who moved with us from Wakefield to Glasgow in ’89. He now leads a church in Grand Rapids Michigan. There were afternoon sessions of which Jan went to ‘moral revolution’ and I went to ‘test of honour’. Rather than saying it’s wow, amazing... I would summarise that we already have some good values. God is refining and shaping those and giving us a fresh focus. How we treat one another when we disagree, when one is hurt from their sin or the sin of others, what attitude we have if we don’t get it straight away, how we treat those on a different stage in this journey, what is our response to leaders? What are our expectations?

I have been shocked to realise how much I live with a background sense of anxiety. I would never say I am anxious but this week God has fingered quite a number of insecurities. I have a huge hope that having highlighted them God is doing something supernatural to help me. I know the truth that God has set me free and that He has brought us into an abundant place. I am looking to God to help this become a living reality.

Any way time for breakfast (Mmmm). Today we plan to shop for books and DVDs at Bethel, some clothes. The we’ll pack, celebrate Theresa’s birthday then sleep before an early start and a lonf day tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you all. We love you.



Nick, 04/11/2010


Shift Happens

That should be a car bumper sticker! What we are receiving feels like a huge change of thinking and perspective!

Another early AM to find my wife sitting in the smallest room with a laptop. Hopefully this is a temporary phenomenon!

This is the only time to squeeze our brains and get something for you to follow. I hope this is helping you feel connected.

We love Hope church. The more we see here, the more we love what God has begun in us all and where He seems to be taking us.

OK concentrate! Bill carries a huge perspective on church and the kingdom which leaks out whenever he talks. He doesn’t really preach but comes out with one liners that are staggering in what they contain. A lot of what he shares centres on our attitude and perspective to both the supernatural and to those around us. Do we dismiss the small thing God gives first? An apple is 100% apple whether is it a small hard bitter first fruit or a fully mature fruit. How do we treat testimonies of  healings and miracles?


Sadly that's all I had time to write before we left. Just back after another very full day. I need time and sleep before attempting to blog. More tomorrow.



Nick, 03/11/2010

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Wow I have 30 seconds before breakfast to send my love to the amazing family of Hope church.

All we hear and see here inspires us and thrills us with what God is doing in Glasgow. We do feel over whelmed and in trepidation at being able to get anything into a blog over the next 2 days.

Yesterday we headed 12 miles North of Redding to Shasta Dam. My photos don’t do it justice but I’ll try and post some later. Even the lady tour guide gave us a huge slice of America when she started bantering with a cyclist - what a country.

We queued as Brits do to register then were blessed when Daniel and Becky Frank from White Inch took the stuff we’d left in the meeting queue and got seats for us. We had abandoned that queue in favour of sitting by the pool in the evening sun (sorry did I mention it’s been a lovely sunny day when the sun shone in a blue sky?) Sorry chaps!

Bethel leadership has learnt keys and principles that both propel forward and anchor people securely. This isn’t a perfect church by any means and they have lots of challenges but they are going somewhere and it looks good. God is growing our hope for Hope and enlarging our vision of what a community changing and city impacting people of God looks like.

Sorry this is brief. Looking forward to the many seminars and talks and to our prophetic appoint meant. Bill Johnson says that God goes into your future and brings back a promise often in the form of a dream vision or prophecy. This promise then gives hope and is also a weapon of warfare to see the promise fulfilled.

Here’s looking for big promises today.
We love Hope church. You are the best!

Nick, 02/11/2010

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Oh my, oh my, Oh my

Well what can I say? I write this on Monday morning ‘cos too much happened to get chance to blog yesterday! We went to the 11AM service (rather than 8.30). We got there early and were at the front of the queue (now there’s a concept!) Once inside we found half the seats booked. Clearly knowing someone in the first service is the way to go!

I’m struggling to describe the day! Jan will probably give a better description of the worship, but it was a precious time meeting God. Once again there is an ease and lack of performance in the way things are run. There is freedom to meet God in many ways. We had worshippers and prayers on stage, 4 artists painting. Andy was teasing me about flag wavers but there weren’t any. Bill Johnson managed to pack so much into his 25 min preach. The combined result left us all feeling very full and blessed but needing to digest. Where better than over food! Andy’s favourite Mexican provided the ideal place to share what each of us felt. Being here is very good, being here with friends is amazing. God is growing something special in Hope church.

Clearly after lunch I needed more time to digest. Where better on a Sunday afternoon after a meal and a beer than horizontal contemplating my eyelids. 30 seconds later (or so it seemed to me) it was time to leave again. We got to church soon after 4.30 - just in time for the 6pm service! No seriously! We got seats in the middle, nearish the front then went to the prayer meeting. If I’d had my wits about me I would have captured a video of it. This was the most bizarre prayer meet. The room was packed full with more arriving all the time. Seats in the centre were being circled by noisy, laughing hugging, chatting praying people. True to form Jan and I found a less noisy corner to pray and soak in God’s presence. More hot tubbing with God then off to the meeting. We met many new people. One couple from Worcester told us we needed to meet John and called him over. Having asked our names he laid a hand on Jan and my shoulders and ‘Boom’ down we went. That was just in time for the worship to start! The worship went on longer as there wasn’t the constraints of running two meetings. Much to Andy’s amusement flag wavers (plural) were joined by dancers. I  kept my eyes closed -  good job I knew most of the songs or sang along in tongues if I didn’t. The meeting ended with a prayer/fire tunnel for all those attending the leadership conference this week. Amazing. I know God is doing something but not too sure what yet. Hopefully more clarity as the week progresses.

Breakfast calls!




Nick, 01/11/2010


Saturday - revelations, healing rooms and  fun

What a day so far. A lot to tell if I can!

We all feel intimidated by master blogger Jan who has gone for marathon epistles. Last night I was fading fast as Jan set to on her blog. I stayed awake long enough to show her how to load it onto the website. Wakened this morning I rolled over to see what time it was. It was dark but jan wasn’t in bed. 7.10AM where could she have gone? Then my eyes accustomed to the dim light from under the bathroom door... surely not... could she have? I went to the bathroom door to see Jan sat on the loo with the laptop, blogging! Yes I have become a blog widower. Where will her next blog come from after 36,000 feet up, then the smallest room – watch this space!

We went to the healing rooms this morning. They have set this up so well. After registering you are assigned to a letter group then directed to the encounter room. This was the best bit for me. Rather than wait in a queue and chat, the room is the perfect place to soak in God’s presence. The worship band played songs and instrumentals. They sensed what the Spirit was doing and responded seamlessly. I was quickly able to shut my eyes and focus on God even switching off from the many bodies and voices around. I had such a strong mellow sense of enjoying God and then chatting to God as various thoughts came into my head. I had thoughts from the past, I asked God who I should forgive. God asked me a few questions – do I believe that He hears me when I pray? Do I believe He will answer? Will He give me bread or a stone, an egg or a scorpion?

The worship varied from rhythmic instrumentals to loud songs with a pumping bass but always managed to be there but not there. I had my eyes shut so I didn’t see the dancers or the lady blowing kisses. I knew there were artists painting and people wandering around praying but no one was shouting ‘look at me’, nothing jarred or distracted attention.

We were called through to the prayer room in letter groups. I sat and waited and saw one guy with a ram’s horn. He blew this as part of his prayer. Something inside me told me he was going to pray for me and sure enough he did. His name is Jose and my compatriots quickly came up with Jose the horn player... imagine all three but Theresa in particular repeating this and howling for ages! I gone for prayer asking God to improve my sleep, I wake several times a night. Jose did pray but asked if I had nightmares? No I feel quite peaceful. ‘Have you asked God why He wakes you? Perhaps He wants to speak? Are you a busy man?’ Now there’s a killer thought! I’ll give it a go and let you know.

We met many people from the UK including Ian Rossol who I knew in Leeds. There are ~900 delegates booked into this leaders conference of whom 120 are from the UK. We will all get together on Tues AM.

In need of fresh air and to stretch our legs we visited the Sundial bridge, this is an amazing foot bridge over the Sacramento river and quite a local land mark. It is immense and pictures don’t do it justice.

4 at Sundial bridge       Notice the coats - home from home hey?

So after a walk in the Turtle bay park I’m back at the hotel to blog while Jan sleeps (all that blogging has taken it’s toll.

We are clearly amazed at all God is and will be doing. We’re also amazed at the massive cars which would look out of place in the UK. I thought this one was about my size!

                            big car                               big car and Nick

We’re going out for a meal with Pete and Kim Carter. They are coming to Glasgow in Feb for ours leaders’ weekend.

Hope you have a fab time at church.




Nick, 30/10/2010

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What a difference sleep and food makes. I made my now annual pilgrimage to the Black Bear Diner for an American style breakfast of smoked ham and eggs. We then spent some time acclimatising and exploring Redding. The weather is cool, overcast and wet rather like home! Hopefully it should improve next week.
It is quite a difference having our wives here. Jan was clearly on a mission to update my wardrobe. So the four of us went shopping together! Now there’s a test of friendship. It is fascinating to see the response of shop assistants who all ask why we’re here. Everyone here has heard something of Bethel church and a few are members. One assistant asked if I’d been to America before. She was clearly surprised to learn that my 2 trips to USA I have only been to Redding. The expectation of many is that foreigners don’t come to Redding unless it is to Bethel. Now that is one way to influence a community.
We went to visit the church building this morning, and we are off to the Friday evening meeting soon. Tomorrow morning we will visit the healing rooms there.





Nick Treadgold, 29/10/2010




breakfast heathrow

Breakfast at Heathrow

Well we’ve arrived. We had a long but good journey. I feel thoroughly disorientated having got up at 4AM, travelled 18+ hours, changed time zones. It is now 8pm in Redding but 4AM in Glasgow – we got up 24hrs ago! I am trying desperately to stay awake and reset my body clock. The journey was boring but uneventful which is just how I like long distance travel. A chance to read, watch in flight movies (almost worth the ticket price just there) and chat with my lovely travelling companions.

I think sleep is needed to prevent any more drivel.




Nick, 28/10/2010



Well we're off
After a lot of planning and anticipation Andy, Theresa, Jan and I travel to Redding in North California to attend a leadership conference hosted by Bill Johnston in Bethel church.
We are packed and the taxi is booked for 4.50AM :-(
I am very excited about what God is going to show us. I feel very blessed & privileged to be going. Bethel church have seen God do amazing things amongst them. The power of God in miracles is now an everyday experience and expectation. I visited last year and really didn't know what I'd let myself in for including the bone shaking flight from San Francisco in the plane pictured below.



Planes aren't my favourite way to travel, not for any fear of flying. They seem to be built for people with shorter legs than me! I can't quite figure it out. Any way our journey will take 18 hours and the time there is 8 hours behind the UK. Remember the clocks go back in the UK this Sunday - ie an extra hour in bed!
Still enough of this chat, I need all the beauty sleep I can get. 
Please feel free to leave comments or questions.


Nick, 26/10/2010

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