Culture and Connect Day 19th March 

Theresa and I would like to personally invite you to the culture and connect day on Saturday  19th March.  It’s at the Hub from 10.00am – 4.00pm. Please email if you would like to come so we know for catering.
As a leadership we have devised these days with you in mind. We believe Hope church is a good place to be and grow in God. The healthy atmosphere we have is the fruit of years of working on our culture. It is the fruit of many tears and heartaches and of many revelatory encounters with God. We want to invite you to come and understand better how we tick so you can contribute more easily to advancing our culture and changing our city.
We also believe heart connections to leaders and one another are vital for all of us to grow and function without rules or manipulation, the day is about that too.
These days are so vital in our eyes that certain leadership and serving roles are not available to people who have not come along to them. We value our culture highly and we want to know those who influence it value and understand it.
So I hope you can hear how important this is to us as leaders, and we believe for you as well. We cherish what we have. Come and get connected, come and gain some understanding. Your presence will add strength to us, and we believe we will add something vital to you.
Love and blessing
Andy and Theresa