Blog 4 

Kris Vallotton on Friday. One of my favourite speakers- :-)

You are not just your strengths you are also blessed with your weaknesses. 
What would it look like in Hope Church if people could grow as big as God wanted them to be?

Prov 4:23 “Watch over your heart with all diligence for from it flow the springs of life”
I will become what I will, I will want to punish, and hurt others but I will not.

Forgiving others doesn’t mean the pain goes away;  my will has to go to places that my want and my heart won’t take me.

Whatever I manage dominates - whatever I cultivate dominates. When you are running with giants, what do you do with the Jealousy in your life?

Things come up in you as a result of this, trials just reveal your heart. Jealousy is dealt with more at Bethel Church when the people they are training are more gifted and called. Church led by Eric & Candace Johnson, what am I dealing with by admiting I have a problem?

Cain kills Abel when only 4 people where on the planet, so this has nothing to do with larger numbers - Stop jealousy if you just do good. 

David and Saul, David was thinking Saul was a father, David loved and respected Saul as a father and respected Gods calling and annointing of him But it was Sauls heart issue that nearly destroyed that relationship 

It's every day stuff.

Disciples argue about whose greatest, Jesus takes Peter, James and John. Jesus didn’t rotate his team; he didn’t make it equal or fair!
How often do we change a structure to treat a problem like jealousy? How many times do we reduce environment to stop people complaining?
Jesus - you don’t get yours till you celebrate others. This is not going to reduce Hope Church.

Fear, anxiety and jealousy, our greatest enemy is shame. Brené Brown has written some great books on this.

We're real here; people who are vulnerable and have courage. Tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. You are not just your strengths you are also blessed with your weaknesses. We want to hide our Weakness, but Paul boasted in his weaknesses!

Theresa - “I'm still mulling on this one, as well as what Andy bought on Sunday about us knowing what Daddy God is educating me about - for me it's about 'I am about a great work, I cannot come down'  Remembering who I am and what He has called me to be and do - and not get immersed in the details but seeing Daddy Gods big picture, as well as acknowledging and being open about my weaknesses.”