I am loved because I am
I am so taken by this thought; we were known before the beginning. All our days are written in His book, He knew me before the foundation of the world (Psalm 139;13-17 and Eph 1;4-5). We are His offspring, made in His likeness. Why is this exciting me? Because He knew me before the fall marred me, corrupted me and messed with. It’s a ‘me’ that He created and counted as good. If this is true, then everyone on the planet has an original, beautiful identity and destiny held in the heart of God from ages past. Redemption is a releasing from all that holds, corrupts and hinders me from being who I was originally formed to be. It’s a calling into original beauty and purpose. We are truly His workmanship (Eph 2;10), literally His work of art, his masterpiece now ready to be revealed to a waiting world and aching creation. Wow! I get to be me in the most fundamental and authentic way possible.
The cross and resurrection strips me of the power of sin. The cross and resurrection have released a power that can rid me of every stain in my make up that has masked my true self. Every blow, every harsh word, every abuse, every poor assessment and trauma gets stripped away to reveal the real me. Loved by God and destined for amazing things. The old sinful nature that blocked my kick, ruined my aim and kept me from being glorious (Romans 3;23 and 6;6) has been killed off.
So He loves me, not just because He loves me. He loves me because of what he sees in me. I am the pearl he is the merchant he ‘sold’ his son to get me! (Matt 13;45-46). I have intrinsic value and worth to Him, even in my fallen state.
So we can prophesy original destiny over unbelievers, connect them to the original plan still ticking away inside them, perhaps as just a hidden wish or dream. Heal the sick, restoring their bodies to the original design and plan. Introduce heaven’s wisdom into the market place, for everyone longs to be who they were made to be.



Andy Merrick, 21/03/2013
Alison L (Guest) 19/04/2013 22:25