From Glory to glory

Yesterday we had a chilled out morning and then headed into the glorious great outdoors with our guide for the day Carissa.  Here is a wee photo of the stunning waterfalls we saw.
We had an entertaining sunglasses in river rescue mission with Andy dropping them in and Carissa + large tree branch implement getting them out.
Last night we were at the church service and all we did all night was worship as the presence of God was so thick and overwhelming that we camped around that and not around a sermon.  The glory cloud showed up with sparkles, gold and feathers swirling over two-thirds of the sanctuary it was so fun and amazing to see with our own eyes.  It was amazing to just worship, soak and dwell in His presence for 3 hours.  They finished with a glory tunnel at the end so we were all pretty wrecked by the end as I'm sure you can imagine.  Theresa had a dusting on her arms which she only spied on return to her hotel.  Theresa felt static electricity during the meeting and expected to open her eyes and see everyone's hair standing on end!!!
This morning we each took time to hang out with Jesus in our own ways apart from each other which was great and necessary for us to process all we are hearing and experiencing.  This afternoon we are having a Scotland meeting with all the Scottish students complete with cake. 

Tonight I'm off to a hoe down party with Carissa (I'd love to wear a cowboy hat but yet to find anyone who can lend me one) then all the girlies where I live are getting glammed up and heading out for a cheeky drink.  Tomorrow is two church services and lunch with the Hope church crew.  Hope you guys have an absolute blast tomorrow.  Love and hugs to you all from us all.


Jan McFarlane, 04/11/2012
Mary-Lou Bell 05/11/2012 08:18
I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night! This all sounds so amazing- can't wait for it to start happening at Hope! xx
Mark Spicer 05/11/2012 10:15
Sounds wonderful!! Looking forward to a catch up and a comparing of notes...the things you guys are picking up on seem to parallel what God impacted me with while I was there....I've struggled to bring some of it through alone, so maybe together....! Excited you got to see the "glory cloud"...we had a great time sunday morning too...angelic singing and thick glory cloud yet, but I keep looking expecting to see it! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!
Very exciting (Guest) 25/05/2018 07:53
They finished with a glory tunnel at the end so we were all pretty wrecked by the end as I'm sure you can imagine!
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