I am an adjusted attitude away from my full inheritance
I have been away on holiday so the blog has been neglected for a couple of weeks. Here’s my latest thoughts.
I am beginning to see that we can be connected to God, yet never really access the privileges that He provides because we have the wrong view of Him. We then come with a set of attitudes and expectations that don’t connect to Him. The elder brother in the story of the prodigal owned the whole estate. Early in the story it is clear that the inheritance was divided between them both, and the father clearly states that everything is His but he is enjoying none of it.
He is angry at the father (God) because he feels he has done a good job of his end of the deal (serving and obeying) but has not had the results he expected. But the father isn’t a legalist and doesn’t respond to a legal argument as to why we should be blessed by Him. So, just as we are not under law we cannot put Him under it either. I do it by saying or thinking my works, or hours of prayer justify a different response than I have had from Him. But I am just using Him for what I can get, not enjoying Him for who he is, and no one likes that kind of functionality, it doesn’t encourage intimacy!
I have access to the whole house, all my inheritance, all of father’s goodness for free and without the need for performance, because it’s inheritance. Inheritance is getting for free what someone else worked for. The father doesn’t connect to my calculations of what I or others deserve from Him. He is crazy full of love for His sons and lavishes His best on us even when we have done our worst.
I am more likely to develop offence at God (anger) if I have a calculating, works orientated view of how he wants me to be and how he expects to relate to me. If I mis-read his heart of love I can get in a paddy and miss His intimacy and abundant supply, even though its all mine and right there for me! The provision I genuinely need is right there for me in abundance, I have to repent of manipulating Him and seeing Him as some kind of heavenly boss and orient my heart to the passionate intimacy he has for me. I access by faith my true rights as a son – I get the whole farm, now!





Andy Merrick, 31/03/2011