First of 2011 - More than we can ask or think (Ephesians 3;20)
First of all, thank you to the scores of you that have been reading my blog, and to those who have left such encouraging comments. Please feel free to comment, extra insights and encouragements are always welcome.
So here goes, the first blog of 2011.
I feel set up by God. He is saying, ‘how can you not believe me for more in 2011 than in 2010?. Look at what I did last year, over 50 healings in and through your church in 15 months, and that from a standing start. Where can we go together this coming year?’
I believe the trajectory is – more miracles in the market place, more healings that just happen in his presence without specific prayer and ‘bigger’ healings, cancers and the like. God is building in us faith for the extraordinary. He wants to do miracles and he is building our faith so that we provide a platform for it to happen. He needs a place to land, a spiritual welcome mat. He works according to our faith, expectation and imagination. He does more than we can ask or think, but it is in keeping with the power at work within us.
In the great sovereignty of God debate that has raged in the Church, men have not wanted to ‘shrink God’ by confining Him to men’s responses. However this scripture shows us that God works through us to the degree that he is working powerfully in us. There is no doubt that God can do anything at anytime, and that he has the power to see his will done. But he is no manipulator or controller, rather he is an enabler. He has chosen to recruit us to his world transformation programme. He still goes beyond what we can ask or think, but what we ask or think affects what he does, and he is looking to us to ask and think (or imagine in some translations) to give him a channel to work through and a platform on the earth. He has also said He will act relative to the working of His power in our lives. So we have a direct affect on the mighty working of God in the earth, it’s proportionate to His mighty working in us.
Sometimes we look to sovereignty to sooth us. If we can make more of the Christian life dependant on Him and less dependant on our role, we feel less pressure and guilt. But this is the wrong approach to relief from guilt and shame. We are not wired by God to be passive observers, and fatalism is not a mindset birthed of the Holy Spirit. God wants lovers not lawyers, people motivated by passion not pressure, delight and not guilt. He is recruiting us to his joy programme, not frustration. So what this scripture is saying is dream bigger, imagine more; ask grander and seek for greater power encounters and experiences. Then God can do more through you and around you, and you get the joy of being the channel he uses. Like Jesus said; until now you have asked for nothing in my name, ask and you will receive that your joy may be full. If God does it all without much cooperation from us our joy is less. He is about building a growing momentum of joy, faith and breakthrough which we participate in.
He wants us to learn to be creatively like Him, not just watch him do his thing. Jesus did what the Father was doing, he didn’t watch and approve of what the Father was doing.





Graeme Barnett (Guest) 05/01/2011 10:10
Love it!
Kat (Guest) 12/02/2011 23:27
I am sooo challenged by this! '...dream bigger, imagine more, ask grander and seek for greater power encounters and experiences...' it encourages me to never stop asking, never stop seeking, and never to think I'm cheeky for wanting more!