I Can Be Who I Was Born To Be - The Father Promised
Some one said that I have really got in touch with who I am in Christ when I genuinely wake up each morning and say ‘Father God, how am I going to change the world around me today?’
God has a vision for my life. A shape he calls into being even in my mother’s womb, and he gives me promises that paint the picture of who I am meant to become in Him. He travels into my future in Him and comes to me now with words of destiny to set the tracks of expectation to lead me to become all he intended. Never is this a purpose that will jar with the aspirations of my renewed heart. The nearer I get to my fulfilled call the more a giant thrill goes through me, one that turns all past trials into what they should be, momentary troubles on the way to His glorious purpose.
To be totally free to be who I am requires more than freedom from stuff. What I mean is it’s not enough to be out of prison with no guards or fences – free from sin, the law and such. That’s like a criminal, set free, standing outside the prison gates in a new suit of clothes a clean record, but only bus fair in his pocket. He pretty soon will end up back inside! Real freedom includes freedom from things, but essentially includes freedom to do things. Freedom means options that are genuine. Freedom means it’s genuinely possible for the criminal to become Prime Minister, a Plumber or a Post man. All the resources need to be accessible for him to not just be free from his past but also enter his destiny.
Lots of us end up ‘back inside’, because all we have been told is we are free from stuff. We celebrate freedom from sin, freedom from legalism and the power of Satan. We sing our freedom songs and dance outside the prison gate. We may even blow the odd raspberry at the guard on the wall. But we know we are called to something better, even something great. We know we have new clothes of righteousness, but the bus fair won’t get us to be Prime Minister or even on a plumbing course. So we ‘do a few jobs’ (behave like we used to) to keep ourselves going and so we get entangled again. Then we need God to set us free again and around it can go.
My heavenly Father gave me stuff, lots of great stuff. He hasn’t just released me he has put the equivalent of a great wedge of cash in my account and arranged the appropriate training for my destiny, he also has given me a stack of free equipment and friends and helpers to get me where he called me to go. My destiny is provided for by the Father who created it. All the resources of heaven are available to this ex-con. So world changing days are now on the cards!
I have a job, to tell people who they are and what they now have in Heaven, not just to keep saying who you are not. We are God’s sons, Jesus’ brothers and friends of the Holy Spirit and he has given us everything we need to be great.


Simon Parnham 19/11/2010 11:51
Kat (Guest) 27/11/2010 23:12
Yes - this is it! I totally understand what you are saying, there is such a thrill as each of us gets further away from the 'stuff' of the past, and into the hope of the future... so awesome! My struggle is currently trying to keep myself rooted enough in the present so that I don't miss out on what's going on now by only looking at what may be to come. Although, admittedly, it's not that bad a problem to have!
Loving the blog Andy, please keep it up, K.