I Can Be Who I Was Born To Be, It’s worth the Risk
Finding out who you are can take a while. It’s more than God telling you, as important as that is. He might tell you ‘you are a prophet’, but what does that look like? I know prophets whose primary shape and function is in leading and inspiring worship, others whose call is intercession others are great preachers. You might be a teacher, is it French or Maths or to students of a foreign language, or even in church? I find out by trying.
If we don’t allow risks to be taken, we will never help people discover their true potential in God. When you know God can take you from ‘zero to hero’ you know he can do anything. You know, if he can do it for you he can do it for anybody. You then know, he can do anything with anybody.
The Father allows me to make choices, good and bad, take risks, and fail sometimes. He gives me freedom. He could control me, but he doesn’t. He could prevent me but he won’t. He could scold me endlessly, but he doesn’t. He let’s me press on until I find Him in everything. He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, not of the endlessly successful in all their efforts. He rewards those who risk all their ‘talents’ in an attempt to multiply them, he takes away what the protective perfectionists have, the ones who safely secure what they have and cling to it in a risk free zone.
When Jesus said ‘into your hands I commit my spirit’ it was ultimate trust. If the Father didn’t come through, he would have suffered for nothing, he would have no legacy. He would have risked life itself, risked his considerable and growing earthly influence for a humiliating death that ultimately would mean nothing. He put every egg he had into one basket-the Father’s. His only guarantee was the word of the Father. He risked it all, and to every natural eye it looked like all eggs were lost and broken. Reputation looked smashed and life lost, but he brought many sons to glory. He gained what he could not now lose, he multiplied his influence.
How is it we make risk difficult and failure the end of the road in the Christian church. It makes progress difficult and radicals reluctant. God is looking for talent riskers, not talent polishers and preservers. We have a Brother who showed how much Dad could be trusted with. Let’s create environments where we can find out who we are, and multiply our effectiveness; where we applaud others for ‘having a go in God’, not just when they succeed, and are slow to scold with the words ‘you know, I thought it would never fly’.


jackgonzales (Guest) 12/10/2018 07:49
Abraham is evidence of the nation shaping and forming power of God’s blessing and promise. I believe as a church at large we are being weaned off the arm of flesh and trained into true dependence.
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