Revival culture 1
Honouring the carriers of anointing
I had the privilege of being at the revival alliance meetings in Marsham Street in London at the beginning of September. It became very clear there that key leaders such as Bill Johnson and Che Ahn considered the issue of ‘honour’ to be absolutely central and vital to see revival sparked and sustained in our land. Many of us have thought ‘prayer is the key to revival’ ; and of course prayer is profoundly important, but if we can’t receive, respect and be blessed by what God sends because of prayer we can miss an outpouring. More significantly, if we can’t value the person through whom it’s sent we are in problems.
Jesus clearly teaches us this in His visit to His home town. In the Luke 4 account He reminds them of instances in Israel’s history where there have been powerfully anointed men in their nation, but what they had from heaven was actually received outside of Israel, even though Israel needed the same miracles. He was in effect saying, ‘you have breakthrough standing in front of you but you can’t receive it because you are offended at who is carrying it!’ So he only healed a few rather than having a significant outbreak of power that seemed to happen everywhere else.
The church has to escape the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ where no one person is allowed to stand out. Where we either cut down the successful, by looking for faults, or domesticate the anointing for fear of ‘excesses’. I have become aware of prejudice in my own heart which limits the kind of person I am likely to receive from. When I receive from a person, what God has given them, I am receiving from Him! (Matt 10;40)
For me, being able to give this kind of honour and appreciation to another is all linked to my own sense of value before God. He always loves me, always values me, even when I am being a plonker. This needs to be how I respond to others. I need to look for the Spirit in them and receive it and call it out. I believe the turning from deep rooted cynicism is vital in our nation. A repentance is called for, a change of mind, moving from looking for reasons to doubt a carrier of revival fire to looking for reasons to believe. In our culture cynicism and caution have become celebrated as wisdom, whereas in reality it shuts down what God can do. I believe the repentance called for is one of moving from a negative mindset to a positive one; one where we give value and appreciation freely to one another and particularly revival leaders. Where we draw them out and have an inner posture of appreciation.
Honour is going to release the move of God, as it releases the servants of God to move in God.




Andy, 12/10/2011
John T (Guest) 03/12/2011 21:07
Ouch! You (and God!) cut it to the heart as usual. Please help me God to take the telephone pole out of my own eye before I start picking up on the microdot of dust in my brother's..........