Full and ready for home

Yesterday was the last day of this brief but intense conference. Yesterday’s attempt at a blog was in the 10 mins I had at 7.30am, we got back to our room at 11.30. Ahhh! Bloggers block.

I have been to many conferences in my time and often the worship is a warm up for the main speaker. Our heart and Bethel’s attitude is to give a high priority to worship and encountering God’s presence. The unashamedly have several worship sessions through the day. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything from exuberant praise to silence. The worship team are very comfortable allowing one guitar or total silence. Andy and Theresa went to the senior leasers Q & A session and Jan and I went to the associate leaders. I pick up so much just from seeing 6 people on a stage honour and defer to one another. There are people here from many church backgrounds. I think we have already caught a lot at Hope.

Jan & I caught up with an old friend who moved with us from Wakefield to Glasgow in ’89. He now leads a church in Grand Rapids Michigan. There were afternoon sessions of which Jan went to ‘moral revolution’ and I went to ‘test of honour’. Rather than saying it’s wow, amazing... I would summarise that we already have some good values. God is refining and shaping those and giving us a fresh focus. How we treat one another when we disagree, when one is hurt from their sin or the sin of others, what attitude we have if we don’t get it straight away, how we treat those on a different stage in this journey, what is our response to leaders? What are our expectations?

I have been shocked to realise how much I live with a background sense of anxiety. I would never say I am anxious but this week God has fingered quite a number of insecurities. I have a huge hope that having highlighted them God is doing something supernatural to help me. I know the truth that God has set me free and that He has brought us into an abundant place. I am looking to God to help this become a living reality.

Any way time for breakfast (Mmmm). Today we plan to shop for books and DVDs at Bethel, some clothes. The we’ll pack, celebrate Theresa’s birthday then sleep before an early start and a lonf day tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you all. We love you.



Nick, 04/11/2010
Kat (Guest) 04/11/2010 22:17
So excited about what God is doing for you Nick,that's awesome! See you very soon :o)
John Turner 05/11/2010 10:18
"Giving a high priority to worship and encountering God's presence". Nick, I think you have just come up with our new motto (after "raid the fridge!") OH YES PLEASE!!!!!! It sounds like you guys have had an amazing time, have a safe journey home and we all look forward to what you are going to share with us on your return (Janet and I won't be in church on Sunday but look forward to catching up later!!) Love and God bles John T xx