Thursday-last day of leadership transformations

Well the $64000 question is – are we transformed. Well we you will have to wait and see I guess, but we have been in a faith filled, Spirit filled, supernatural environment for 7 days and it feels like we have been imparted to. I feel recharged to go after the more of God breaking in on our church. To go for more healings and to introduce the whole church to a more intimate and Spirit led way of relating to God. Over recent months I have seen things, felt things and experienced stuff from God that He wants to be our common experience. Hope Church, a place of visions, dreams, encounters with God, healings and visions of heaven. In fact if you are sick, come Sunday, if you need God, we will pray. I know we are having a setting in of elders but we can still pray for you.

Anyway, what happened today? Well we had 2 hours with the prophetic intercessors ‘soaking’ in God’s presence (a literal application of waiting on the Lord and being still and knowing He is God). This was different again…I was out of my comfort zone, but found myself in God’s revelation zone with visions I will not quickly forget. I will tell you more when I get home. Heaven isn’t like I thought it was and God works differently to how I thought. And angels can be show offs!

We also had a session from the main prophet on the team, who gave the clearest explanation of their view of the apostolic and prophetic we had heard all week. It’s a very releasing perspective if you are of that bent. They are totally committed to community transformation through supernatural inspired ministry and not trying to make apostles and prophets into pastors and teachers, otherwise there is no room for the true pastoral gifts and the apostles and prophets lose there edge. We need to create a style of church government that creates an environment for all gifts to be released and can host God’s presence and revelation effectively.

Well that’s it from Bethel . I am so looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. We have a great church and I have missed it though we have only been away for a week.

With love


Andy Merrick, 18/09/2009