We are getting happier by the day by learning in this environment to be better hosts and friends with the Holy Spirit. Every person who speaks to us runs a department or ministry in the church and they are all so passionate about what they do. They are all led by the Holy Spirit in their leadership of their departments. For instance the whole post marriage programme came from a dream a couple had; the head of children’s work had an open vision that inspired her to write a new programme for children’s ministry. Every area of ministry is done supernaturally. So they are teaching their kids to prophecy, pray for the sick and enter God’s presence to have dreams and visions from about age 3 . They say the kids may be young but they all have the full sized Holy Spirit. In one conference they bring the kids in and have them prophecy over church leaders, often with profound accuracy.

The leadership atmosphere is one of honour, but not something sloppy. They have learned how to confront one another in a way that grows the relationships and keeps away from fear and stays in love. This confrontation is essential to help keep all these powerful people on track. Everyone is prone to take a left when God goes right so we need to be open to confrontations based on love and trust. I have to say Nick is good at this, as I have been on the receiving end a couple of times, he is already modelling something good.

Bill Johnson talked to us for an hour or so today and then prayed for us all…great! His basic point was you can’t sustain zeal and passion across the church by teaching and good organisation no matter how good it is. People need to be regularly exposed to the power of God to keep their spiritual fires burning; seeing God moving fires you up! Look out Hope Church. The heart of it is to be constantly hungry for God and ‘going after’ more of Him and his power.

Tomorrow they let their band of prophetic intercessors loose on us for 2 hours – awesome (as they say here all the time). It’s our last day, so if you get chance pray we would get totally wasted on God and able to return fired up!

Looking forward to Sunday

With love

Andy Merrick, 17/09/2009
Mark Spicer 17/09/2009 13:30
Andy, praying you get totally tanked up!! looking forward to hearing and seeing it all when you get back!

Kat MacNeill 17/09/2009 22:09
Seriously Andy, I definitely won't miss the chance to take up your invite to pray that you get 'wasted' on God.... lovin it! (Oh, and I will be counting the amount of times you use the word 'awesome' on Sunday!)
Hugs to you both
K :o)