We are getting a jolly good feed. We had another packed day, full of helpful tools and insights and more of God’s presence. They have an insatiable desire for more of God’s presence here. They see healings and breakthroughs all the time, but the thing they seek is Him, more and more of him.

Nuggets of the day

– ‘this church works by powerful people who may disagree on some things working together honouring one another.’ ‘honour allows powerful people to thrive around you’

– ‘the thought ‘there has to be more’ starts us on a wild ride with God’

– ‘we are following a movement of God where the Holy Spirit is calling the shots’

– ‘I have three rules for my team, and I am legalistic about it. They are 1) Get drunk in the Holy Spirit. 2) Stay drunk in the Holy Spirit. 3) Get someone else drunk in the Holy Spirit. ( I thought Glaswegians would get this as long as we underlined the word Holy before spirit)

– ‘a test is a prelude to a testimony’

– ‘being happy is a big core value-sinners understand this’

– ‘we are moving from a pastor/teacher dominated mind set to an apostolic and prophetic shaped paradigm’

The morning was about a biblical spirit of excellence, dominated by love, seeking to excel, seeking to be shrewd and wise in all we do. This was followed by sessions on their developing small group structure and ‘love after marriage course’. I will let Nick fill you in more on these as he really buzzed with this.

In the afternoon we were exposed to 2 crazy guys (crazy in a powerful way). The first one was the staff evangelist who told story after story of on the street and in the store miracles. He said the core values of the church were love, honour, the presence of God, power and Joy.

The second crazy guy talked about how to bring the fire of God into church life and take it onto the streets. He was the one with the 3 rules. He said it’s a lot easier to get people healed and into the kingdom when you are enjoying the joy of God yourself.


There is a big emphasis on not getting screwed up about trying to get folk healed, rather their approach is to enjoy God and his presence and in that atmosphere things start to happen and its easier for us to pray for the sick in faith, receive words of knowledge and get boldness to move out in ‘risky’ ways. There is a big emphasis on creating and preserving an atmosphere in which God loves to work. There are some very thought provoking things said about how the church over recent centuries has been dominated by the pastor /teacher gift which is not strong at plugging God’s people into heavenly resources. The pastors and teacher role changes in a context set by apostles and prophets who are keen to bring heaven to earth. Much to think about here.


Andy Merrick, 16/09/2009