Day one of the Bethel school of transformations was another concentrated day.

The first session focused on how they saw the apostolic and prophetic foundations for their movement and churches. They focused on apostles and prophets being those who bring heaven’s government to earth. They are those who bring the Kingdom of God in supernatural signs and wonders and to the people of God and the world and prevent us just becoming reworked versions of the world around us. Ensuring that the world, its values and culture don’t set the atmosphere for the church, but rather that the church reflects the culture of heaven. This ensures an ongoing sense of the work of the Holy Spirit and healings in and through the life of the church.

The second session covered worship, and really focused on the need to be welcomers of God’s presence and the importance of the band to be up with contemporary culture in terms of music, but also that every member added to the anointing the worship band had. They also focused on getting everyone engaged with God from the youth to the seniors.

The third session was about their healing rooms ( see Saturdays blog) but was more of a ministry time. The focus was on not focusing on the sickness and battling through for victory over it, but getting the prayers and prayees into God’s presence so he could do his thing and inevitably that flowed into multiple healings, many of which are profound and glorious. For instance over 200 deaf ears were healed from June 2008 to June 2009!

The fourth session was about deliverance and inner healing and looked at how we can free people from blemishes on their soul that hindered them enjoying God’s presence and entering into their God ordained destiny.

There is so much to process. You must pray for Nick, as sometimes I am stunned and don’t have much to say (processing internally). Other times I am overcome by God’s presence and am temporarily a bit useless, and other times, like tonight, I am all stirred up and rant on about the importance of supernatural ministry over and above management and good teaching in the church (external processing all over Nick) . He has great patience to put up with these various states of mind and God is doing some very precious things with him this week too. Let’s see what Tuesday has to bring!


Andy Merrick, 15/09/2009