Bethel church has about 3000 people plus visitors and it has a training school in supernatural ministry which has about 1000 students on it too, so they have real problems with fitting everyone in their 900 seater facility, hence overflows, multiple services and another venue which they hire

We made the second service at the main venue. The striking thing about the meeting this time was the preaching, it was weighty without being at all complex; it just had clout. I went away musing and Nick struggled to get much out of me over lunch as we tried to asses the importance of what was said and deal with the challenge of staying on the edge with God, and not getting complacent with the level of blessing we may have achieved. (I have to say I am desperate for more, but it’s easy to level off at any point).

Many testimonies of healing were shared this morning, they had a blind eye open in the healing rooms while we were there which made 6 blind eyes in the last 2 months – much applause, they really savour every breakthrough.

The evening meeting was preceded by an hour of prayer, which I joined. It was in a large room which we walked round in a circle for nearly the whole hour. Laying hands on one another, talking to God, and making new friends at the same time. Again you sensed the presence of God building in the room. One young guy I walked and prayed with said they did it every week to talk to God and get ‘happy in Him’ before the meeting. 10 minutes before the meeting we stood in a big circle and prayed in concert and God started meeting with folk there and then, we were then encouraged to take this into the meeting.

Worship, wow, worship. We had the most awesome worship time I can remember being in. There was a point where the musicians started playing prophetically and it went on and on as we got drawn deeper into God, lots of negative stuff was breaking of me in the process, and one of the bethel folk who was wheelchair bound started to get feeling in her legs and feet for the first time in her life as the violin played and inspired tune. Once again I think I was being set up.

The speaker for the night was Steve Strader, who is the pastor who hosted the Lakeland revival. He gave an amazing talk going through the history of that outpouring and the many confirmed healings and indeed resurrections they saw. He then had us call out for more of the Spirit, which we did….I want enough to change things, to change a city, not just for my personal blessing. I got totally whacked by God (again) but I know there is still more and we need more for what needs to happen in Glasgow, and the . I am typing this still ‘under the influence’ and really never want to not be ‘under the influence ‘ of the wonderful Holy Spirit!

Tomorrow is the first day of our course, very exciting.

With love


By the way, Nick snores, but not badly. He wears ear plugs, so I don’t know what that says about my noise making when asleep!
andy Merrick, 14/09/2009
Terri Petrie (Guest) 14/09/2009 21:34
Hi Andy!

Your first few days seem to have been awesome!!! I pray that you are getting infected with something we can live out here with our own flavour, but with all of the energy they have there!! Sounds like God is really dealing with stuff (how much more is there still??) ... we all need more and more and more of God WOW!!!! Bring it home Andy!!!

Have a good time - hope you suffer in the heat while we are jealous!

Andy Merrick 15/09/2009 07:06
That's our heart. to be transformed, to bring home something more of God that fits our context but is just as powerful.
the heat is a real trial!