Friday night/Saturday morning

Wow, what a difference 24 hours makes!


Redding (where we are) is a small town of about 90000 people in northern California, hundreds of miles from the famous and influencial cities of LA and San Fransico, but there is a church here that is having an influence across nations. It hosts a school of supernatural ministry of some 1000 people from the US and many other nations. And it has big ambitions to influence culture, from the arts to movies (sorry, films) and business .


Last night we queued for half an hour to get into their friday night meeting. The meeting started with us praying for one another and immediately you sensed we were in the presence of God before the worship started, and I received one of the most specific prophetic words I have ever had for the young woman on my left.....i thought 'wow this is easy, God is here, you don't have to work at getting things'


The worship rocked! the band was musically excellent and sensitive to the Spirit; at one point they just stopped playing and this beautiful singing in tongues rose to fill the put tingles on your tingles.

They had artists painting their impressions of what God was saying and doing in the worship time. The whole experience had a very creative feel. The band were ready to try new things, the artists sought bring worship a visual expression. And then there was that continual and overwhelming sense of His presence.


When the worship ended there was a series of words of knowledge for healing, and we saw many pains go, backs straighten, and a woman who had lost her sense of smell through a serious blow on her head received her sense of smell back. oh, and then there was the 3rd grade child who got healed of dislexia and could now read well from the parents i-phone.


This morning Nick and I went to the healing rooms. We both had stuff we wanted prayer for. We went through 2 stages. 1st we went into the Encounter room where worship played gently and you just relaxed in God's presence, and it wasn't like a meeting at all. occasionally they would call out words of knowledge and folk were getting healed in that room as we waited for prayer in the next room where the healing teams were. I think the encounter room guys were trying to put the healing teams out of business!


In with the healing teams we waited for prayer. I got a guy who we had met the night before. he was 73 and on their school of ministry with all the 20 somethings, he loved to pray for folk, and he loved Scotland and had been once a few years back, his prayer partner was a frail looking but fiesty 60 something year old from Dunbar and there was a 3rd guy and they just 'laid into me in the Spirit' praying and prophecying with a passion for Scotland, Glasgow and Hope I got totally whacked by God and once again found myself occupying carpet space, heavily sensing God's presence and his word of promise for me, our church and nation. Phew.


Nick got loads of great prayer too, but I will let him tell his story.


Reflections: God's presence is very evident and easily entered into. Creativity is everywhere and there is room to express your gifts, be it art, music, administration, greeting and welcoming, praying for the sick, words of knowledge etc etc. Healing has become very common place here, but they sit easy with those who are not yet healed. There was a wheel chair bound guy doing very effective ministry in the healing rooms.


And California is HOT it reached 106 degrees farenheit yesterday.

Praying for God's power on you all tomorrow!

with love



Andy Merrick, 12/09/2009