We Are here!

We arrived last night feeling well jet lagged but excited at what we are going to receive through the next 7 days here. please read Nick's blog for a inside look at what we are really up to, including the consumption of a truely American sized breakfast this morning. Some say it is a sure cure for jet lag? (you can make up any cure for this you like really).


Any way, tonight we are off to the renewal service and tomorrow we are going to see how their healing rooms work. I am sure God wants us here to learn how to be a more powerfully supernatural church. It's well worth loking at the u-tube links I put on the church newsletter as they are great teatimonies of God at work and will give you some idea of why we want to learn from this church.

We will keep you in touch.


Please feel free to leave comments or questions.



Andy Merrick, 11/09/2009