We meet at 10:45 every Sunday morning at Hyndland Parish Church, Hyndland Road, Glasgow, G12 9JE. 

What Happens at a Sunday meeting?

You will greeted by a member of our welcome team who will direct you to our meeting hall.
The main event
worshipThe meeting will be called to order at 10.45am, and then we'll spend a while singing modern, lively praise and worship songs, led by one of our bands. The words of the songs will appear on the large screen.

After the worship time, there is usually a brief interlude for the announcement of news about members of the church and details of forthcoming events. There may also be one or two testimonies giving thanks to God for his intervention in our lives.

Giving to the Offering is part of our worship, participating in providing for the financial needs of the church. However, we do not expect visitors to make any contribution to this; please let the bowl pass you by without embarrassment.
Bible-based, lively teaching
The meeting continues with a time of teaching, where one of the leadership team (or someone invited by them) will preach from the Bible in a way that we hope you will find inspiring, instructive and edifying, explaining the depth and wonder of the good news of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Word of God.

The preaching lasts for up to 50 minutes. This may sound a little daunting, but many visitors have said that they felt as if God was speaking directly to them during the sermon, and they didn't really notice the time passing.

After the talk, there may be an opportunity to respond and then the meeting will be closed, perhaps with more worship. By then it’ll be about half past twelve, and the children will be ready for collection from their various classrooms. Everyone is invited to stay for coffee.
kids work



At hope we believe that our children should have the opporunity to have fun while learning and experience God.