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breakfast heathrowBethel 2010 Visit

Welcome to the bethel 2010 blog page, Andy, Nick, Jan & Theresa have jet off to Bethel Church in Redding, California. They are there to learn, be imparted and equipt but mainly to get more of God and his heart.


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Andy Merrick
A summary of the main impacts of our exposure to Bethel Church on this trip
Theresa Merrick
Kris Valleton Sheri Silk and Bill Johnson
Andy Merrick
What happened in the final sessions
Last day of the conference but the journey continues
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 Coming up 
03/02/2015 19:30
Our very own evening Supernatural School starting on Tuesday 2nd September and running fortnightly over 3 terms through to June 2015.
04/02/2015 19:00
Come and meet the senior leadership team, ask questions and find out more about Hope Church
Hope Hub

A quick blog from schipol
Theresa's last blog from this trip to Bethel.

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